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Vehicle Security


The  Mul-T-Lock  security locking device immobilises the gear lever in a  selected position, when  the vehicle is stationary.

A steel bracket is fitted to the vehicle floor using shear bolts, which cannot be removed once  professionally fitted. The Mul-T-Lock is available  in two versions, the Standard 45 and a 45 which has been   developed   to allow for ease of seat movement in certain three door vehicles.

The unique easy to use vehicle transmission locking system designed to fit the majority of vehicles. The Mul-T-Lock prevents the unauthorised  removal of the vehicle by locking  and immobilising the gear lever.
A highly visible deterrent, the Mul-T-Lock can be easily transferred when you change your vehicle. In fact, it is so cost effective that Insurance Companies worldwide recommend the product.

Each Mul-T-Lock key has its own unique registration number, embossed on a plastic security card issued at the time of purchase. Only on production of this card to an
authorised dealer can extra or replacement keys to your 45 be obtained. A change in legislation has encouraged Mul-T-Lock to introduce the Interactive Key Concept onto the marketplace. This patented design provides increased control over key blanks, thus discouraging unauthorised key cutting.

The availability of ‘Master Keying’ gives the fleet user total flexibility and control. Working on a hierarchical system,if provides different levels of access to the fleet.

Fleet Managers are faced with a barrage of problems when a thief attacks one of their vehicles,Its not just a case of vans being broken into, there’s also the problams of loss of valuable tools and equipment (which are often uninsured), repair costs,downtime, redundant staff,lost work, increased insurance premiums and of course paperwork.

protect  yourself from all that cost hassle by preventing the break-in in this first place. Tis unique security system is used by the Metropolitan Police- no better accolade than that.

protect your  vehicle today!

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